2 Unique interiors with the latest decorations

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We introduce new post: 2 Quirky Interiors With Punchy Colourful Decor
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The sofa is a treat for the senses with its rich teal shade and deep quilted cover. A soft fabric pouffe has a lighter teal top, crowned with a golden tray and a pretty duo of colour coordinated planters.

A small side table has golden legs that match the tray on the coffee table pouffe. A magenta pink accent chair provides the perfect clashing contrast to the neighbouring teal sofa. Tribal print scatter cushions decorate the seating. More ideas for eye-catching accent chairs here.

A bulbous blue vase billows from the top of the small gold side table, displaying a spray of natural greenery at its top. A sprig of impossibly blue leaves colour the corner of the room behind.

The length of the small room has been sectioned into two by a room divider fashioned as a set of shelves and storage cubbies. The shelves are accessible from both side which gives the dividing wall a transparent quality, rather than completely obstructing the visual or natural light from either side. A ‘Love’ motif backs the solid tv panel on the dining room side.

The dining room is attached to a kitchen with breakfast bar. Shades of teal run throughout, and are brought together in one large geometric style area rug beneath the dining room table.

Driftwood adds shape to the corner of the dining room, in the form of a unique floor lamp. You can find more unique floor lamps here.

The flooring in the kitchen is a busy blue circular design, which morphs into a blue and yellow version out into the home entryway.

Yellow, blue and teal pattern tiles are interspersed with fresh plain white tiles to create a colourful yet clean looking kitchen backsplash. This time, pink accents come in the form of a baby pink vase, plus a herb planter and matching fruit bowl that teeter on mini monochrome legs.

More spiritual art appears in the bathroom of the home, this time in statue form on top of a wall mounted modern vanity unit. Botanical themed pieces and a green colour scheme conjure a rejuvenating ambiance.

Sliding glass doors lead to the bathroom. The glass has been backed with an array of coloured film, each with its own unique pattern. Light from the bathroom window make the stunning design look luminous. Inside the bathroom, a red roll top bath awaits, its claw feet gripping a tile floor of even more pattern. A red border wraps the room, with vivid sunshine yellow filling in the lower half of the walls. A unique clothes stand awaits to hold garments up off the floor, or to be loaded with a towel.

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